POD (print on demand) on regular and UltraVinyl and water repellent canvas.

We are now able to print on demand (POD) and custom print on our regular vinyl,   our new UltraVinyl and water repellent canvas for you.

Your original artwork or a licensed artwork or photo can now be printed just for you!

Have you ever wanted your own logo tags printed because the metal ones are out of you range? We can do it for you. Submit your artwork possibly as a PNG file and tell us the colors for the background and the fonts to as and we will print them for you. Minimum width is 54" and minimum height is 12". That's a lot of logo labels. You cut them your self using a cutting machine. Here is a digitally generated example. Pricing for placing your tiled files for printing on a 6x54" is Approximately $25. If you require several background color changes and some editing, we will provide you with detailed pricing.

Minimum width for the water repellent canvas (WRC)  is 58" and 18" high. I can convert almost any regular vinyl pattern into a roll of the WRC except for solid colors. 

 We are unable to print with metallic or fluorescent  inks; any regular color combinations are available.

 To place an order for vinyl or custom WRC (water repellent canvas), please send me an email with your phone number to yourvinylsource@gmail.com and I will create an order for you and discuss the detail over the phone. But you may also use this link to purchase either POD vinyl or our own water repellent canvas or a 6x9" swatch of the UltarVinyl after we have discussed the details https://yourvinylsource.com/products/pod-on-regular-vinyl-or-ultravinyl-18x53?_pos=1&_psq=UltraVinyl&_ss=e&_v=1.0&variant=47875472359655

Below is just a random sample on label that can be printed on vinyl and a real sample of a full roll printed on the WRC.



If you wish to order a swatch of the new UltraVinyl, please use this address




  1. Please ensure that files are in RGB color mode not CMYK. Use a sRGB profile such as sRGB IEC61966-2.1 or similar for best results.
  2. For vinyl, please email us a link to a high resolution JPG, PNG or similar format file, at least 150 - 300dpi in RGB and 6x6" in size that is licensed for printing. We will not print files that carry a trademark such as Disney, well-known bag brands etc. We respect the copyrights of others and the trademarks.



  1. We would be more than happy to print those high resolution files for you. Some may not be seamless, so please contact us to see if they can be converted into seamless files. Some were not designed that way and there is no need to spent time and money on something that wasn't meant to be in the first place.
  2. We can do some magic in Photoshop or Illustrator but there are limitations.



  1. For either vinyl, there is a minimum requirement of at least 18x54" piece, otherwise there will be a lot of waste of the material that we would have to charge you for. 
  2. For vinyl labels a minimum requirement is 12x54"
  3. For the WRC (water repellent Canvas) a minimum order is 1 18x58" roll 


  1. For vinyl printing it is 3-4 days and the cost of a 18x54" roll is $32 unless some major editing in Photoshop or Illustrator is required and it is based on the amount of time spent. We will always let you know in advance what to expect.
  2. Printing on water repellent canvas TAT is 3-5 days and minimum order is  1 yard (not continuous) or 1 18x58" roll.
  3. Certain limitations apply to printing on our WRC: not fluorescent or metallic colors, no solids. More details available upon request via email yourvinylsource@gmail.com



Files that are submitted in RGB (one of many color spaces) may not always translate well into printing which is done in CMYK, just like your home printer. The CMYK color space/profile has more limited color range and images that are viewed on any device that has a backlit screen in RGB will appear as a little different in print. It's just the nature of the beast.



  1. Large files can be submitted via several uploaders such as wetransfer.com or simply a Google Drive link to yourvinylsource@gmail.com


Looking forward to serving your individual needs!


Check out these images to see our UltraVinyl and our WRC in action. Custom color printed for the braiding.

 Custom Blue Snake in UltraVinyl


Custom Jan's Poppies and custom solid blue 

Custom animal print and solid black in UltraVinyl

Custom Jan's Poppies in UltraVinyl

POD Water Lilies on UltraVinyl

custom printed WRC

custom printed WRC

custom printed WRC

custom printed WRC